LaRue Tactical LT745 Quick Detach 1.5 Inch 10/20-MOA Optic Scope Mount

  • $256.96

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The LT745 Quick Detach mount places the center-line of the optic 1.5" above the top of the rail for optimum cheek weld with a variety of flat top rifles. The cantilever positions the scope out front over any hand guard or barrel nut, eliminating the need to span from the receiver to the hand guard. The cantilever also allows the shooter to obtain proper eye relief.

The popularity of the SPR series of mounts is partially due to the innovative backbone that connects the split vertical rings. This design provides a more robust platform for the optics, increases repeat-ability, and eliminates the need for time-consuming lapping. The rings are precision-machined with the tightest tolerances, and feature threaded steel inserts, built to withstand a lifetime of abuse.

Like all LaRue mounts, it is precision-machined out of bar-stock aluminum and anodized. The locking LaRue Speed Levers provide outstanding return to zero; the optic can be removed, and replaced, without loss of zero. Guaranteed.

  • Brand: LaRue Tactical
  • SKU: LT745
  • Available Ring Sizes: 1 Inch, 30 mm, 34 mm and 35 mm
  • Available MOA: 10 or 20
  • Places the center-line of the optic 1.5 inch above the top of the rail
  • Precision machined out of bar stock aluminum and matte black anodized
  • Made in America - #MAGA

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